About the website

Tasharuk [tashàruk], which means “to share” or “sharing” in Arabic, aims to be a space for meeting, raising awareness and spreading information about gender, culture and resistance in Palestine. The website was created from an initial partnership between five organisations: the Associació Hèlia, Sodepau, Women’s Studies Centre, Family Defense Society and Escola de Cultura de Pau, whose backgrounds and knowledge aim to contribute to the dissemination of the situation in Palestine from a gender perspective, with special attention paid to the experiences and contributions of Palestinian women. Tasharuk aspires to capture the many lessons learned from the experiences of exchange, knowledge and reflection with Palestinian women’s activists and organisations, giving prominence to their voices and stories.

Tasharuk wants to expose the interaction between the Israeli occupation and the dominant patriarchal system in Palestine and especially how it affects Palestinian women and girls, who are denied their right to a life free of violence, particularly because of their gender status. The website addresses implementation of the agenda on gender, peace and security in Palestine and highlights the experiences and artistic productions of Palestinian women. Tasharuk makes a wide range of resources available to people interested in gender and Palestine, including films and documentaries; contact with Palestinian filmmakers, activists and women’s organisations; first-person oral and written accounts of Palestinian women who are overcoming situations of sexist violence; and publications and teaching guides to continue to raise awareness in this area.

Tasharuk was created with a calling for expansion and growth. Although the contents are only available in Catalan and Spanish at first, they will gradually also be made available in Arabic and English.

The Tasharuk logo has been created by رشا كببجي (Rasha Kababji), who you can contact at here.