النوع والثقافة والمقاومة في فلسطين

Dina Naser

دينا ناصر


Dina Naser is a Jordanian filmmaker and producer of Palestinian origin. A graduate in Graphic Arts in Jordan, her documentary training was expanded as part of the Erasmus DocNomads programme in Lisbon, Budapest and Brussels.

After finishing her studies, she worked for different television production companies. She has produced the Hikayat Simsim seriesan Arabic version of Sesame Street. Afterwards, she began to produce and direct her first films independently, drawing inspiration from Palestinian refugees in Jordan. She made the documentary short films Shamieh (2011), One Minute (2015) and Sea Wash (2016). In 2019, she made her first feature film, Marwa Pequeña y valiente (Tiny Souls) a documentary that was screened at DocsBarcelona in 2020 and travelled to many Catalan cinemas as part of the Documentary of the Month.

In the documentary Marwa pequeña y valiente, the filmmaker films a group of Syrian boys and girls living in a refugee camp in Jordan for nine years. Over the years, we accompany Marwa from childhood through adolescence to her first years as an adult woman. Her work focuses on documenting common stories that we discover as unusual as the documentary progresses. The themes that she deals with are often related to her homeland, Palestine, being a speaker for many refugees in Jordan and tenderly approaching the different communities and the diversity of human ecosystems.

Dina Naser lives and works in Amman, Jordan.


—Shamieh, short film, 2011

—One Minute, short film, 10 minutes, 2015

—Sea Wash, documentary, 3 minutes, 2016

—Tiny Souls, documentary, 85 minutes, 2019