النوع والثقافة والمقاومة في فلسطين

Laila Abbas

ليلى عباس


Laila Abbas (1980) is an independent producer, screenwriter and director. She graduated with a degree in Cinema in Jordan, began her career working in administration in television until her passion for telling her stories led her to making her first films.

In 2010, she began to direct her first short films, Visa (2010), Fruity Dreams (2011) and Five Cups and a Cup (2012), works that won her a scholarship to study production at Royal Holloway University in Great Britain.

After getting a film degree in Jordan, she made her first feature film, Ice & Dust (2013). She then returned to Palestine to work as a trainer at the Institute of Modern Media at Al-Quds University in Ramallah. In 2016, she created her own independent audiovisual production company (Young Oak Productions) in Ramallah and produced Madam EI (2016) and The Chair (2017).

Laila Abbas lives in Ramallah. In 2021, she worked to create her first fiction film, The Year of Ashes, and a new short film, Lowest Point on Earth.


—Blurry, short film, 2020, fiction

—Lowest Point on Earth, short film, fiction

—Barzakh, long film, 2018, fiction

—The Chair, short film, 2017, fiction

—Madam El, short film, 2015, fiction

—Ice & Dust, long film, 2013, fiction

—Five Cups and a Cup, short film, 2012, fiction

—Fruity Dreams, short film, 2011, fiction

—Visa, short film, 2010, fiction

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