Mahassen Naser El Din

محاسن ناصر الدين

“Is history really important? If so, how can we represent history that converses with the current day? How can we create cultural productions to further our understanding of subaltern histories and current realities?”


Mahasen Nasser Eldin was born in Jerusalem. She completed a Master’s degree in Cinematographic Studies at Goldsmiths College in London and a Master’s in Arab Studies at Georgetown University in Washington. The complexity and cultural richness of her family history is evident in her work. Her maternal grandmother moved to Palestine in 1878 after the Austro-Hungarian occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, her multilingual paternal grandmother worked in the early 20th century at the Haifa train station and her grandfather built a house in Balad al Sheikh, an emblematic town where the remains of the tomb of Izz ad-Din Al Qasam, a legendary Palestinian leader, were found.

Mahasen Nasser Eldin’s documentaries immerse us in the world of female characters forgotten by/from history. In Restored Picture, she shows us the life of Karimeh Abbud, the first Palestinian photographer of the early 20th century. In The Silent Protest, the filmmaker investigates and offers us the story of more than 300 Palestinian women who moved to Jerusalem in 1929 and found a proto-feminist movement to fight and oppose the British Mandate and the Balfour Declaration at the time of the Nahda, the Arab revival.

Mahasen Nasser Eldin tells stories of resistance and resilience, crafting tales that illuminate forgotten characters or those on the margins of society. Her spirit and passion for research got her interested in audiovisual archives, through which she creates new historical stories and explores how they can influence the construction of different historical narratives.

Mahasen Naser Eldin lives in Palestine and is a professor of cinematic production and audiovisual culture at Dar al-Kalima University in Bethlehem.


—The Silent Protest :1929 Jérusalem, documentary, 2019, 20 minutes

—Restored Pictures, documentary, 2012, 20 minutes

—From Palestine with Love, documental, 2010, 25 minuts

—Samia, documentary, 2009, 14 minutes

—On the East Side, documentary, 2007, 24 minutes