النوع والثقافة والمقاومة في فلسطين

Taghreed El-Azza

تغريد خالد العزة

“For me, the camera is an eye on reality”


Taghreed El-Azza is a filmmaker from Bethlehem. She studied documentary film production at Dar Al Kalima University She studied documentary film production atDar Al Kalima Universityand has produced five short films, both fiction and documentaries, most of them withShashat Women Cinema.

AtShashat she was given the opportunity to create her own film, entitled Girls and the Sea. This film was screened at various festivals, such as the Shashat Women’s Film Festival, the Boston Film Festival and the Malmo Film Festival.

After Girls and the Sea, she began working on a short film as part of another Shashat project called Worlds, which gave her a lot of experience as a creative director. She was also involved in the project I Am a Woman. In 2021, she produced the short film Engagement Ring, which was selected by the festival Palestine: Filmer c’est existerin Geneva, the Baghdad International Film Festival (BIFF), European Film Days in Algeria and the Cap Spartil Film Festival in Tangier. Taghreed El-Azza lives in the West Bank.

Taghreed El-Azza lives in the West Bank.


Clothesline, fiction, 10 min, 2017

Engagement ring, fiction, 13 min, 2013

In Uterine female, documentary, 20 min, 2013

Restriction, fiction, 5 min, 2011

Girls and the sea, fiction,6 min, 2010

Advice, documentary, 20 min, 2009

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