In vitro

In vitro

Dirigida per Larissa Sansour and Soren Lind



28 min VOSC.


In Vitro is set after an ecological disaster. An abandoned nuclear reactor under the biblical city of Bethlehem has been turned into a huge orchard. Using heirloom silks collected in the final days before the apocalypse, a group of scientists prepare to replant the soil above. In the hospital part of the underground compound, the founder of the orchard, Dunia, 70, is stretched out on her death bed, while Alia, 30, visits her. Alia was born secretly as part of a vast cloning programme and she has never seen the city she is destined to rebuild.


About the director

Larissa Sansour and Soren Lind

Larissa Sansour is a Palestinian director and artist. The centre of her work is a tug-of-war between reality and fiction. In her most recent works, she uses science fiction to address social and political issues. She works primarily in film, but she also produces installations, photography and sculpture.

Soren Lind is a Danish author, director and screenwriter. Trained in philosophy, Lind wrote books on the mind, language and understanding before turning to film and fiction. She has published novels, short story collections and several children’s books.

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