Palestinian female filmmakers

Palestinian female filmmakers have been on the film scene since the beginnings of cinema in Palestine in the 1930s, even though the dominant narrative and history often try to erase them. Since 2010, more than half the films made in Palestine have been made by women, showing that the leading role of women in Palestinian cinema is unquestionable. Overcoming the gender discrimination active in cinema around the world, Palestinian female filmmakers stand at the forefront. The purpose of this space is to unearth forgotten women filmmakers, spread their work and their stories and analyse their role in the world of cinema and in Palestinian society.

In this section, you can find a brief introduction to the history of Palestinian cinema, an extensive directory of Palestinian filmmakers with biographical and filmographic information on each, accompanied in some cases by links to view their films online, and contact information for the filmmakers to be able to organise screenings.

The research, texts and directory have been prepared by Ariadna Jove Martí.


Short films